Building a Connected Quantum Community in Latin America


Lead Organiser

QURECA creates global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. They offer all the resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value; providing the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community. Some of their services includes business development, training and resourcing.



Entrepreneurship Specialist

Established in 2019, Quantum South is a multidisciplinary quantum computing software company, with operations in Europe and Latin America. Quantum-South designs solutions with a quantum computing approach combining expertise in multiple quantum software platforms


The Unconventional Computing Lab

Established in 2004, The Unconventional Computing Lab contributes primarily to the understanding of the physical, mathematical, implementation, and societal aspects of computation. The international and multicultural laboratory produces ground-breaking science towards understanding the ultimate capacities and limits of computation imposed by physics and mathematics, developing engineering methods to transform our scientific advances into products and services useful to humanity and non-human animals.


Kipu Quantum

Kipu Quantum is a German quantum computing startup based in Karlsruhe and Berlin. We design hardware-specific application-dependent quantum computing solutions and quantum algorithms. Kipu has as a central goal to bring quantum advantage to the present of all industry use cases.


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